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Super Shimon

Super Shimon Ultra-High Resolution Kit

Designed with law enforcement in mind, Super Shimon software supercharges your output, doubling the print resolution up to 1000 dpi. This level of increased resolution is ideal for specialized law enforcement applications such as fingerprint/latent fingerprint analysis.

Super Shimon is compatible with the dDP-421/621, DP-410/610 and M300 Pro printers, giving you three high resolution print modes to cover both traditional crime scene printing of evidence and shoe or tire impressions and fingerprint analysis needs.

Shimon is Japanese for "Fingerprint"


arrowright32.png Includes 500 dpi and 1,000 dpi print modes to cover a wide range of printing needs

arrowright32.png Also includes a special 720 dpi mode that increases resolution with no change in print speed

arrowright32.png Easily switch between modes to accommodate standard printing as well as fingerprint cards

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