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EZ-Controller Lab Management Software

Noritsu EZ Controller is a complete professional workflow software solution that handles everything from print order management to image correction. EZ-Controller software utilizes exclusive AccuSmart™ image-processing technology to ensure consistent, high quality output.

EZ-Controller lets you easily manage image input from multiple sources like film scanners, kiosks, web, or third party applications. Once the orders are received, an operator, or EZ-Controller itself, can "direct traffic" sending orders to any of up to 6 attached printers.

EZ-Controller Features

arrowright32.png Built-in order management enables you to confirm job status, change print sequence and interrupt jobs for urgent orders

arrowright32.png Supports multiple inputs and outputs, orders can be managed manually, or let EZ-Controller do it for you

arrowright32.png Flexible Color Management System provides color matching to improve consistency between prints and display

arrowright32.png Incorporated Adobe DNG™ conversion technology enables processing and printing of camera raw files

arrowright32.png Support for all current Noritsu systems, as well as wide range Epson Printers with optional add-on software.

AccuSmart Features

arrowright32.png Powerful automatic and manual image correction capabilities using award winning image processing algorithms exclusive to Noritsu

arrowright32.png Automatically analyze and optimize images using face recognition and scene/density recognition technology

arrowright32.png Digital ICE and Digital Masking technologies for removing dust and scratch artifacts from film

arrowright32.png Easy to apply Digital Scene Adjustment functions : Auto Sharpness, Auto Contrast, Chroma, and Graininess Suppression

arrowright32.png Available high precision correction functions : JPEG Block removal, Cross Filter, Red Eye Reduction, Digital Scene Correction, Soft Focus, Spot Correction, Lens Aberration, and Tone Curves

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