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QSS-3801-G Photo and Specialty Printer


The QSS-3801-G is a next generation hi-resolution silver halide photo system, designed with the needs of todays labs in mind. Capable of producing the highest quality prints, with more value-added services, a more efficient workflow, and lower overall costs, the 3801-G is the perfect minilab solution.

The advanced solid-state laser engine employed by the 3801-G is the result of years of development by Noritsu in the pursuit of the highest quality digital imaging, The result is a minilab capable of 640 dpi true photo printing, producing an incredible 5 times more pixels than other similar systems. This means finer detail, smoother color gradations, and amazing prints for your customers.
Capable of printing at nearly twice the speed of the 3800-G, The 3801-G has the capacity, quality and versatility you need.


arrowright32.png Proprietary AccuSmart image processing technology provides powerful image optimization and correction features that work automatically to produce the highest quality results

arrowright32.png Supports multiple network environments and third party front-end imaging applications. Easily fits into most existing lab workflows, or add our EZ-Controller lab management software for even more options

arrowright32.png A wide variety of paper width and advance options to increase your printing capabilities, expand your service offerings far beyond traditional photo prints and enlargements

arrowright32.png Same compact design, twice the print speed

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