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Hydroponic Farming
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Hydroponic Farming

Noritsu has entered the "food" business with a few things in mind: provide a healthy alternative to imitation products, help promote healthy lifestyles through healthy foods, and as a step towards alleviating chronic food shortages and promote self sufficiency around the world.

As the first step towards accomplishing these goals, we have launched our greenhouse hydroponics farms. The objective here is to ensure a stable supply of safe tasty vegetables to markets throughout the year. Production is currently ramping up with the opening of one of the largest hydroponics farms in Japan, covering an area of approximately 10,000 square meters (about 2.5 acres).

Tapping into energy from the sun and the power of water, carefully managing temperature and fertilizer by computer and using every means to safeguard sanitation, Noritsu Agri Co. is building a model of sustainable, healthy hydroponics farming that we hope to replicate around the globe.


arrowright32.png Carefully monitored and controlled hygiene standards keep foreign matter from entering the greenhouse, no need for chemical sprays

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